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 Disruption שיבוש تشويش

Bezalel’s Department of Architecture graduation events ​Curated by arch. Talia Davidi, arch. Hila Shemer.

At the center of the curatorial theme of 2020 alumni events lays the concept of Disruption, a term borrowed from the world of programming, where deliberate disruptions are proactively embedded in the code. This disruptive position in which we found ourselves since the outbreak of Covid-19, generated a hybrid display - alumni events which are split into two complementary platforms; a physical platform and a digital one.


The physical display in the department’s historic building is a distorted spatial experience, which borrows its content from the virtual world but allows one to move within it, feel it and use it in ways that are not available within the limited computer screen. The transition into a virtually-based communication is, too, experienced as a disruption of the familiar academic patterns, and is reflected in the virtual events and digital platform of this year’s graduate work. In fact, they can be observed as two sites; A sensory site in the department building located in Jerusalem and a virtual site based in a"cloud".

Website design: Studio Re-Levant

Code: Eli Cohen

3D coding: Eran Geva

Photographers: Daniel Hanoch, Dor Kedmi​

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