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Iceberg (2021)

A 100 sqm apartment renovation in Tel-Aviv.

Shortlisted for dezeen Awards 2022 !

Located in a typical residential building from 1961, the square formed apartment was replanned and redesigned to suit a young-at-heart retired couple. The renovation is an homage to the local 1960's modernist architecture using ecological up-to-date materials, creating a serene haven in the heart of Tel-Aviv.

Aiming for natural textures and soft atmosphere, the design is composed of exposed light wood carpentry, locally produced terrazzo tiles and natural lime plaster. Both balconies were reopened according to the original 1960's plan, allowing a needed buffer from the tough Israeli summer sun, and space for the client's love for gardening.
The project is on Archdaily, DezeenElle Decor, YnetArchello

Architect: Talia Davidi
Contractor: Lior Carmi
Carpentry: Amir Weiser
Photography: Mikaela Burstow

The apartment was split into two parts by a large double sided bespoke carpentry piece, a birch iceberg. The wooden iceberg acts both as a public-private divider, as well as display and storage space. In order to enjoy the extreme differences between the sunny and versatile public South-Western part, as well as the private Northern lightened half, two complimentary colours of terrazzo tiles were chosen, making the most of each part's natural conditions.

Flooring tiles: Hamomhe Tiles
Lime plaster: Bottz 

Art: Yonatan Zofi

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